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PCB Fabrication

As a long time leader in printed circuit fabrication process, CGI America has the depth of knowledge in both our products and your processes to help achieve consistently higher profits.

Assembly Products

We are extremely proud of our extensive selection of PCB assembly tools. CGI are uniquely poised to help improve product yields by both inspection and process feedback tools.



CGI Americas is committed to the environment. Our engineering and logistics expertise allows us to provide the technology and cost structure to make our clients competitive. We facilitate rapid scale-up to full production by representing several of the world’s leading suppliers of materials and manufacturing technologies.

Weisun SWO Series Precision Convection Ovens

The Weisun SWO Series precision convection ovens are designed for a wide range of applications. A stainless-steel interior, vertical air flow, high air volume and precision digital control allow for complete stability and optimum curing conditions in many different industries.

HWO High Temperature Ovens

The HWO Series high temperature ovens were developed for baking coatings , metallic thermal processes ,stress relief, glass sintering, glass coating, age hardening, annealing, muitilayer ceramic capacitor manufacturing, and other applications at up to 500oC.

QHWOL Series Overs

Clean Room Class 100 and above Oxidation Free Curing for Wafer/IC package, and other Low O2 % required Curing processes.

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