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First introduced in the 1990’s and still the leading pre and post curing oven for solder masks in the world, the SWO-7S oven has been recommended by almost all of the world’s solder mask suppliers because of its capabilities, ease of use, and features.

A stainless-steel interior, vertical air flow, high air volume and precision digital controller allow for optimum temperature stability and curing conditions in pre and post curing of solder mask applications.

An optional HEPA filtration system reduces particulates and helps to ensure optimum product quality.

The SWO-7S is also the most extensively tested and documented curing oven in the industry and is used in many development laboratories. Even the world’s largest manufacturers prefer the SMO-7S for its outstanding performance versus more automated solutions.

The SWO-7S will hold up to 4 racks of 18” x 24” panels. Other models include the SWO-4S compact solder mask curing oven and SCWO-8W dual cart type solder mask curing oven.
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These applications require processing at high temperatures for extended periods making energy efficiency is a critical requirement. The Weisun HWO Series ovens are manufactured with sturdy double wall construction, multilayered insulation. high temperature door gaskets and high temperature specific components. Temperature uniformity is excellent to ensure precise air flow and repeatability. HEPA air filtration systems are available.
Microcomputer control ensures precise ramp up, soak, and cool down times. Safety is our priority and all HWO ovens have a range of interlocks and safety features.

SWO-7S Specifications

Interior Dimensions:
Exterior Dimensions
Temperature Range
Safety Devices
Air Flow
Temperature Controller
Air Intake Filter
1360mm (53 ½”) W x 850mm (33.6”) D x 1280mm (50 3/8”) H
1945mm (76 ½”) W x 1090mm (43”) D x 2190mm ( 86 ¼”) H
Ambient +25 °C (77 °F) – 200 °C (390 °F)
Over temperature Protection, Overload Protection, Non-Fuse Breaker
2 pcs, stainless steel rod tray
200-240 Volts/480 Volts, 3 Phase, 15 Kw, 60Hz (Voltage must be pecified)
364 Kgs/800 lbs.
Japanese PID single stage controller
HEPA Filter

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